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My name is Delphine, I was introduced to the world of holistic medicine from my earlier age. Sequential homeopathy has accompanied me since birth and traditional medicines, the world  healers have always followed me... It's only 10 years back that my commitment to this path really took  a turning point.

After  I read the autobiography  of a world traveller and adventurer who created pearl farms in Palawan, seduced by the adventure, the deep connection to nature, and the magic of pearls, I sent an "email"  to the sea. A few days later, I  received  an answer  from this 70-year-old man telling me that he is precisely  in  Brittany, France and few days later, I was at the back of his motorbike for this surreal interview.

A month later, at the end of my studies, I  fly to Palawan for this adventure, I want to learn, to challenge myself, and above all to know myself more, really, deeply, truly...

A series of incredible discoveries and learnings followed, which resulted in a motorcycle accident and bad tropical disease.  later, I find myself in a forced introspection for several months, unable to move.  Nature took care of this necessary step, where I discovered the most precious gems, inside of me... 

I welcomed this break time and listened to what resonated with my heart to heal, learn and put into practice.  I have done many experiments, I tried and failed, and tried again. I healed myself, from different post-tropical disease symptoms  and endometriosis.  India called me often. The wisdom of yoga, the silence, the peace.

I could not enumerate you  the list of  trainings, courses, workshops  to which  I have  participated , but you know it as well as I do, that's what we do with it. Or  rather , that's what it makes us.

Today I continue to let myself be guided to the sound of my enthusiasm, I am an eternal student of Nature.

This part of my story  probably resonates with yours.  Ultimately, by all  ways,  nature always finds a way to remind us that the most beautiful pearls  shine from within ...


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