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Panchakarma Ayurvedic cure in India

The Panchakarma Santeé

The next group Panchakarma dates

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Limited seats  (Possibility of extending the treatment beyond the dates announced ).

Experience an authentic panchakarma cure at an Ayurvedic Hospital in India

In the program

A stay  to take care of yourself, in one of the best Ayurvedic centers in the South of  India, in an environment bathed in spirituality and meditation, around the International Ashram of the Art of Living. A stay where  mingle  authentic ayurveda and spirituality.  The place is dedicated to  Ayurveda is also a Research and Training Center for Ayurvedic Doctors.  Very close to the Ashram, we will have the opportunity to taste the sweetness of life in India, visit this immense place dedicated to yoga, meditation and spirituality, let ourselves be inspired by nature, temples,  songs ... 

The program in detail

Myriam's testimony

Creator and chef of the Ayurvedic restaurant

Annadata , in Saint-Malo

The program in detail
Panchakarma FAQ
Personalized panchakarma
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