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Ayurveda, healing and spirituality

Online Courses and Workshops

Prana Workshop 

October 30 and 31, 2021 - 9:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.


Optimizing your energy what is it? When we talk about energy, we are talking about the present moment only. All the energy we have is here right now, and nowhere else. It is simply our inability to live the present moment fully that causes us to lack energy ... So optimizing one's energy means optimizing our state of presence in all the circumstances of life. For this, we will discuss the different stages of healing and the 12 associated practices. 12 practices that we can call the yoga of the breath of touch and movement. Each of these exercises gives us access to a rhythm that connects us to the subtle impulse related to the stage of healing in question.
In short, a whole inner journey to awaken the magic of your sacred healer. It is also a way to increase our immunity and reconnect deeply with ourselves, whatever the circumstances. The energy practices taught during this workshop are easy to implement in your daily life, you are free to use them all or to pick one and adapt it to the need of the moment.​
Price: 75 €

(repeater price: 38 €)
(the workshop will take place online on Zoom)


Atelier Ayurveda pour les femmes (en ligne + Replay)

Du 19 au 20 mars de 18h à 20h

Un temps pour se retrouver autour des outils et éclairages essentiels de l'ayurveda pour les femmes. Nous aborderons les thèmes des cycles menstruels et de la ménopause, les déséquilibres liés au cycle et comment mieux les comprendre pour rendre ces changements naturels plus harmonieux et sans douleurs. Qu'est-ce qu'un cycle harmonieux et comment mieux vivre la ménopause ? Quelle alimentation et quelle hygiène de vie pour quel déséquilibre ? Comment l'ayurveda voit l'endométriose, les ovaires polykystiques et les dysménorrhées ? Comment mieux comprendre ces déséquilibres pour retrouver la paix dans son cycle ?

Saviez-vous que nous préparons la ménopause dès 30 ans, à chaque cycle ? Les règles sont en quelque sorte le baromètre de la façon dont nous vivrons la ménopause et c'est la raison pour laquelle ces deux thèmes seront abordés en même temps lors de cet atelier. Elles nous donnent aussi une indication sur la façon dont nous avons passé le mois. 

Il y aura un espace questions / réponses et une pratique de yoga et méditation dédiée en bonus.

Participation : 38€

L'atelier aura lieu en ligne et sera disponible en Replay pendant 1 mois.

Course  Ayurveda  Source - September 2021

Devenir son propre guérisseur en intégrant l'essence de l'ayurveda et de la nutrition cent

Online Ayurveda Source Program - 7-8  weeks

Starting September 11, 2021 

There is no better healer than the source within you. Ayurveda is a thousand-year-old re-source from which we will draw during this course the most essential principles in our daily life, in our modern life, since ayurveda adapts to us and not the other way around. This program is intended to awaken powerful keys to regain balance on a daily basis. Whatever your state of health, you can draw on these tools to get to know yourself better and thus strive for better balance and greater harmony. Nutrition and vital energy will also be an integral part of this course, how to increase the vital energy in us, what are the essential pillars of this type of nutrition and what are the keys allowing my body to do what it is. capable of doing something wonderful, of regenerating itself, when it is given the means ...

All this concentration of "intensive" principles and practices will take place online, in a group where we can share and discuss together over 7 to 8 weeks. 

The content will evolve weekly as shared videos as you go and you will be able to ask questions and interact throughout the program. After that you will still have access to the video content, you are free to watch them at your own pace, this content is meant to be infused into you and not to add knowledge to your hard drive ...

It's a magical adventure that I can't wait to share with you! 

Take off on September 11! 🌟

Preferential rate until August 26, 2021: € 444 (then € 477 thereafter)

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